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December 30, 2019

Toward a United Nations Declaration The International Year of Glass 2022 Focus

Dear colleagues,

We are sending a PR with the last news about IYOG2022. We are in the final track for reaching our goal of submitting the IYOG resolution to GA of UN for approval as soon as possible. We have got the support of UNIDO, the UN organization focused in Industrial development that is now revising the zero-draft Resolution. It will be further sent for editing to the core-group of countries that will deliver the resolution to the General Assembly of UN for approval.

In the meantime we continue gathering endorsements and support. Please, help us distributing this PR and invite personnel from academia, industry, glass art/museums and public to register their interest in our website: where all the documents and news are updated.

Best regards


Alicia Duran. Chair of IYOG2022